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Britain on Benefits - Posted By Linus (linus) on 24th Feb 13 at 7:18pm
Dispatches - Monday 25 February 8PM Channel 4

The Disability Living Allowance helps more than three million people lead useful lives. It pays for transport and carers, meaning that disabled people can work and lead independent lives.

But the benefit bill has to be cut, and the government plans to take more than half a million claimants off DLA. What will that mean for those who depend on it?

Talking to fellow Paralympians, disabled army veterans and disabled people in work, wheelchair basketball ace Ade Adepitan goes in search of answers, and asks if this hugely ambitious and expensive plan to reassess disabled people has been properly thought through

Re: Britain on Benefits - Posted By howie (howie) on 7th Apr 13 at 6:02pm
I watched the prog and i fear the govt will slash the number of claimants who should get it
My daughter gets the full mobility rate but no care component. So she put in a claim for support to the council in Hull
I say council, but im not absolutely sure which dept
After being assessed by social services for approx 2 years she now gets around £140 per month to pay someone to come in and help her.
The social services arranged it all & Amy has a seperate bank account for the money to be paid into
Then she pays the woman who comes in to help her, all hours must be logged & payment must not be less than her allowance to ensure there can be no fiddling
Since this has been set up, its much better for Amy, as she can get out more often than when we visit
Im not sure if this info may help someone, but hopefully it may

Re: Britain on Benefits - Posted By Ian (ian) on 7th Apr 13 at 9:24pm
Direct Care personal budgets have been slashed as councils look for ways of cutting costs. Asking social workers to dig their own graves once they have signed all those with budgets off as not in need of care the social workers are not needed in the next wave of cutbacks. Always look on the bright side care will be as good as the budget allows now and worry about next year when we get there.

Re: Britain on Benefits - Posted By Ian (ian) on 1st Aug 13 at 9:44am
Benefits UK... the truth, by JOHN HUMPHRYS. Censured by the BBC Trust for his documentary, see if you disagree with a word of what he wrote

Re: Britain on Benefits - Posted By Ian (ian) on 4th Aug 13 at 10:17am
The aristocracy's first benefits baby: Hard-up Earl of Cardigan announces he's having a baby that he'll bring up on £71 a week... in a house with no heat

Re: Britain on Benefits - Posted By Linus (linus) on 21st Aug 13 at 11:06pm
Benefits chaos will cost extra £1.4bn, claims Labour
Liam Byrne says some plans to slash welfare could cost more than they save, but Tories dismiss 'panicking' Labour's figures

Re: Britain on Benefits - Posted By Linus (linus) on 21st Aug 13 at 11:18pm
The Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) includes more than 50 national organisations that represent the needs of people who rely on disability benefits.

It is undertaking a major disability benefits survey asking for your experiences of the benefits system. The results will inform the DBC’s work

This survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete and will be open until mid-September 2013

Re: Britain on Benefits - Posted By Ian (ian) on 23rd Aug 13 at 10:04am
100 applied for a job at my firm - but not one decided to take it: Businesswoman blasts 'time-wasting' job centre staff for helping unemployed 'tick boxes' to keep benefits

Re: Britain on Benefits - Posted By Ian (ian) on 24th Aug 13 at 6:11pm
LMC leaders plan campaign to encourage GPs to 'just say no' to benefit requests

LMC leaders are considering a ‘just say no’ campaign to support practices who refuse to take-on unfunded work, and have already drafted a letter to help them turn down patient requests for support when appealing against their benefits being withdrawn.

The campaign would be designed to back GPs who turn down requests for medical reports from benefit claimants and requests for work from secondary care.

The LMC leaders from Lancashire and Cumbria have already come together to create a template letter for all GP practices to use in the area advising patients against personally asking for help from their GP.

But they are also planning on taking forward a campaign to widen a ‘just say no’ campaign to other areas of unfunded workload at its next meeting, including requests from hospitals and other parts of the NHS and social care.

The campaign comes after GPs complained of spiraling workload from patients requesting supporting information to protect their benefits, and a rising amount of workload from hospitals being dumped on primary care.

Pulse revealed last month that GPs were struggling to cope with 21% rise in requests to provide evidence to verify work capability assessments since January.

The template letter sent to practices advises patients to contact Jobcentre Plus or the appeals service if they need further medical evidence, and allow them to contact their GP if they think more information is needed.

Re: Britain on Benefits - Posted By Ian (ian) on 19th Oct 13 at 10:56am
Southwark Council summons 4,500 for council tax arrears

Re: Britain on Benefits - Posted By Linus (linus) on 23rd Oct 13 at 2:58pm
Benefit cap 'not encouraging work or saving money'

The government's benefit cap will struggle to meet its aims of encouraging people into work and saving taxpayers' money, a report suggests.

The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) looked at the London borough of Haringey, one of four pilot areas.

It said just 10% of 747 households affected were known to have found jobs and nearly 50% got extra funds from the council to make up for money lost.

Work and Pensions minister Mike Penning said the report was "flawed".

The cap, on the total amount of benefits that non-working people aged 16 to 64 can receive, is being rolled out across England, Scotland and Wales - starting in Haringey, Enfield, Croydon and Bromley.

Couples and lone parents will now not receive more than £500 a week, while a £350 limit applies to single people.

Re: Britain on Benefits - Posted By Ian (ian) on 29th Oct 13 at 10:56am
Ideology meets idiocy in these brutal disability cuts
Iain Duncan Smith's disability benefits regime, beset by mishaps, not only smears the vulnerable but makes no economic sense

Re: Britain on Benefits - Posted By Ian (ian) on 4th Nov 13 at 11:26am
Benefit cuts ‘risk widening disability health gap’

Re: Britain on Benefits - Posted By Ian (ian) on 5th Nov 13 at 10:19am
Recent immigrants to UK 'make net contribution'

Re: Britain on Benefits - Posted By Linus (linus) on 2nd Dec 13 at 6:11pm
5 benefit changes the government don't want you to know about

Re: Britain on Benefits - Posted By davey (decnsoph21) on 4th Dec 13 at 11:42pm
The government have done a job on benefits claims they are scroungers not strivers {Angry}
cut benefits for bankers bonus

Re: Britain on Benefits - Posted By Ian (ian) on 18th Mar 14 at 11:33am
Dying forced to wait eight weeks instead of eight days for help amid ‘dire’ benefits overhaul – MPs
MPs criticise ‘dire situation’ as terminally ill forced to negotiate call centres and endure long waits as disability benefits are replaced with new system

Re: Britain on Benefits - Posted By Ian (ian) on 8th Jan 15 at 3:35am
Government urged to suspend benefit sanctions regime
MPs hear that the sanctions regime has changed to create a punitive culture of fear – especially amongst the disabled

Re: Britain on Benefits - Posted By Ian (ian) on 2nd Feb 15 at 4:10pm
Ministers change the story – yet again – on benefit-related deaths