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Beside the Seaside - Posted By Ian (ian) on 19th Apr 12 at 11:38pm
Being beside the seaside can make us feel better, says new study - John von Radowitz The Independent

Psychological benefits may be the reason why so many people like to be beside the seaside.

A study has found that a walk on a beach has more impact on emotional well-being than a stroll in the park.

Researchers looked at data from 2,750 participants in a two-year study of people's engagement with the natural environment.

All outdoor locations were associated with positive feelings of enjoyment, calmness and refreshment.

But visits to the coast were the most beneficial, while urban parks had the least effect.

The trend remained after taking account of factors such as age, distance of travel, the presence of others, and type of activity.

Mathew White, from the European Centre for Environment and Human Health in Truro, Cornwall, said: "There is a lot of work on the beneficial effects of visiting natural environments, but our findings suggest it is time to move beyond a simple 'urban versus rural' debate and start looking at the effect that different natural environments have on people's health and well-being."

The research was presented today at the British Psychological Society's annual meeting in London.

Re: Beside the Seaside - Posted By Garfield (garfield) on 24th Apr 12 at 10:40am
I live by the sea & I do find the nearer in land I go the worse I feel. That said my lungs don't like the fog we get living by the sea so you can't win.
Love Garfield

Re: Beside the Seaside - Posted By margaret1 (margaret) on 24th Apr 12 at 9:11pm
i also live beside the sea Garfield......although i love it it makes me feel sad when i cannot go for a 'plodge'...(for explanation see Larn yrself Geordie {Grin} ).....but on the other hand the country side makes me feel sad that i cannot run up the fells anymore.....maybe there is a case for a study Ian for the 'feeling good factors of people with bad chests' personal one is of course is just being OUT......on my scooter of course..... {Grin}

Re: Beside the Seaside - Posted By Ian (ian) on 24th Apr 12 at 11:00pm
Plodge - to remove ones footwear and stand in the North Sea, up to knee deep (see also paddling for children and involving shallower water)

Hypothermia: a Problem for North Sea Industries

The North Sea is a thermally inhospitable environment for those working above or below the water, and for any unfortunate enough to be accidentally immersed in it. The low air temperatures coupled with high wind speeds make working conditions above the surface both unpleasant and hazardous, while the low water temperatures throughout the year make hypothermia and subsequent drowning inevitable to those immersed in the sea for any but short periods of time. The threat of hypothermia commences when personnel board the service helicopter to be transported to an off-shore rig or barge, and remains until they step ashore again at the end of their duty period.

This paper reviews some of the relevant applied physiological facts concerning this potential problem, and offers some guidelines on the management of immersion victims who may be suffering from hypothermia.

Re: Beside the Seaside - Posted By Melle (ritarushworth) on 25th Apr 12 at 10:37pm
Then there's those silly sods who rush into the North Sea on Boxing Day for FUN - strange activity for a seaside {Tongue Out}

Re: Beside the Seaside - Posted By howie (howie) on 28th Apr 12 at 9:30pm
Wow, i too live a short walk from the beach.
I wouldnt want to go fot a plodge, although i do find the prospect of hypothermia very appealing.

We also have a fair helping of fruit loops who run in the sea on new years day {Smile}

Re: Beside the Seaside - Posted By Garfield (garfield) on 10th May 12 at 12:42pm
There's a lot to be said for going for a plodge I'm sure but count me out. The last time we hit the beach the kids dug up used needles with their buckets & spades. So we got a sand pit instead & put it in the back garden. Such a shame because when I was a kid we lived on the beach in the summer.

Re: Beside the Seaside - Posted By Dave (admin) on 10th May 12 at 5:38pm
Some idiots ruin it for everyone else don't they Garfield? {Angry}

Re: Beside the Seaside - Posted By howie (howie) on 12th May 12 at 5:06am
I fear the idiots are beginning to outnumber decent people nowadays {Cry}

Re: Beside the Seaside - Posted By Garfield (garfield) on 18th May 12 at 11:45am
Yes you are both right.

Re: Beside the Seaside - Posted By val (val) on 18th May 12 at 12:26pm
Ah thats shocking! Val x

Re: Beside the Seaside - Posted By Ian (ian) on 17th Jul 12 at 10:17am
People feel 'healthier' on the English coast

Re: Beside the Seaside - Posted By Ian (ian) on 25th Sep 12 at 9:03pm
A cool-headed oil rig diver survived nearly 40 minutes deep in the freezing North Sea after his air supply line was accidentally cut.